What is Sales Enablement?

Today’s episode is with Matheus, a professional who has been in sales for over 15 years, he is currently a Sales Enablement specialist at Pulsus and today he will talk exactly about it: Why have a Sales Enablement area in your company?

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is about building a scalable and repeatable sales ecosystem. This is done by creating an ideal structure for your team to perform and maximize sales revenue.

Generally speaking, it is nothing more than training your sales team. It’s how you work this training through a scope with training, processes, practices and technologies.

So you can work with different types of content in which we will go after listening to calls, role plays, etc. Basically a training of the sales team that does not stop only in the daily routine.

What is done within the Sales Enablement area?

In more practical aspects, what is done depends on your company’s needs and pains.

It is not necessarily micromanagement, but understanding which bottlenecks you are managing to identify in the call and do more specific training, for example.

It is also possible to role play, always with SDRs and SR together, to have a broader view of both and for them to help each other.

One thing the Sales Enablement professional needs is to be always aware of the market, studying and reading books.

That’s why Sales Heroes is essential because it creates this favorable exchange environment between sellers.

But the idea of Sales Enablement is always to be developing SDR. So always viewing sales metrics.

What is being done is an overview of the sales team. It’s like the manager’s right-hand man.

What is different between a manager and a Sales Enablement professional?

The manager is not concerned about the numbers themselves but is concerned about the process.

He is also concerned with what marketing is bringing opportunities to the company, how the funnel is running and also focused on other issues, such as personal development of the SDR and SR employee.

Sometimes some aspects, such as listening to a call, how the qualifications are if there is no bottleneck, etc., cannot be closely monitored by the manager.

And that’s the great thing about having a Sales Enablement professional next to the manager because it takes some of the weight off some issues and makes them more relaxed for other functions.

So what’s the big thing about Sales Enablement?

It’s being empowered and seeing that there are different things, there are different methodologies. Sales training is about starting to look not just straight, but sideways.

See that there are things that can help you in the sales process.

Selling is a process.

If you don’t have an aligned process, you can’t escalate all your issues, your process won’t move.

And Sales Enablement is not just about development, but about understanding the process itself. Sometimes the process takes you, and you don’t understand why or how to do it, and Sales Enablement has this great idea: do this for this and you will receive this.

Two tips for those who want to start or in the area of ​​Sales Enablement

The first tip is to know exactly the team and the area and what you can do differently and change.

The second tip is divided into two: study hard and talk to a lot of people. Not necessarily just Sales Enablement people, which aren’t many, but entering a structured ecosystem to learn about Inside Sales from other places.

Today’s episode is with Matheus, a professional who has been in sales for over 15 years, he is currently a…