The future in sales is in engagement

The future in sales is in engagement

For a long time, the marketing and sales concern was in volume.

How to increase my target audience? How to talk to more potential customers?

For simpler sales markets, the acceleration in volume reached its peak with internet access and the facilities for brands to converse with people all over the world, organically, through advertisements or with content.

During this journey, the complex sales market saw the customer journey adapting. The prospecting work that was, until then, mechanical and purely operational, demanded more sophistication and quality.

It was in this scenario that I started a sales consultancy: there was space for those who wanted to prospect with quality and didn’t have the time or profile to wait for inbound results.

With the name Outbound Marketing, the positioning was clear: we taught our clients to escape the tide of blogs, articles and whitepapers launched from all sides.

Accurate prospecting, balancing quality and volume, was our mantra and ultimate goal.

Despite this positioning, I’ve always been an advocate of diversification, and even with the name Outbound Marketing and a client base that depended on the process, we expanded our blog and content quickly.

We went from less than 60 monthly searches for the term that gave the brand name to more than 1000 in less than 3 years.

And with the success of the blog and the projects delivered, the operation gained more and more strength.

With the strength that came from growth, more and more complexities arose and some bottlenecks became evident.

The main one happened in customer service.

Defending a multi-channel strategy in Outbound, we always had challenges to design processes that weren’t too complex for the team to execute.

The greater the complexity, the less likely the team will actually follow what is recommended.

Also, using an expression from my mentor Gustavo Caetano, there was a huge gap between the map and the terrain.

What our consultants and our customer managers saw in CRM rarely represented the daily reality of salespeople and SDRs.

In outbound, with a higher volume than sales due to the nature of being at the top of the funnel, these challenges were enormous and the resistance of the sales teams to using different tools to keep the machine running was justified.

We sat through several meetings, researched the best tools in the global market, and tested everything possible.

A small category stood out, with a clear goal: tools that accelerated the process for vendors and SDRs with a user-friendly interface, cross-channel integrations, and a more holistic activity management model.

The hindrance was still the cost.

With the exchange, several clients would have to pay more for the tool than for the entire consulting process and sales stack they had.

That’s how we made the decision to start developing our own technology.

The set of process expertise, willingness to set the flag on SaaS and validated need within our customers was the final verdict.

In just 1 year, we launched the first version of Reev, which now completes in March four years since its launch.

The category, in that time, grew a lot and was consolidated under the name of Sales Engagement, or sales engagement, with two unicorns only in the USA.

And during all this time, we took advantage of two operations that sought to converge.

The drive has always been to create a feedback loop: we learn from our customers and teach for SaaS, we learn with SaaS and teach when delivering services.

With the development of Reev’s operation, it made more and more sense, due to the potential of scale and problem solving, to invest more in technology as the core of the operation, having our services and expertise as a complement to solve the primary pain of the teams. sales: Engage your buyers and convert more.

And we come to today: the time to unify our position and assume that, yes, we are a technology company and Reev is our future.

Marketing and sales markets are increasingly concerned with taking advantage of and better converting the leads they have. There are more and more channels to expose your brand to your audience.

But it is still necessary to serve them well.

To prospect, qualify or sell, service quality is the final differential for 100% of consultative sales operations.

And Reev is our tool to help the market solve this problem.

While some have faith that volume alone solves things in the long run, our team was the first to raise the flag of quality in service.

And quality generates engagement.

Engagement increases your sales.

So engagement is the future. Our future.

For a long time, the marketing and sales concern was in volume. How to increase my target audience? How to talk…