New Integration: NectarCRM

New Integration: NectarCRM

Every sales team uses several tools in their daily lives to help with their process. A tool that is widely used is CRM.

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CRM, as we talked about here on the blog, is a Customer Relationship Management tool. It is possible to view the progress of the business in a sales funnel, in order to help forecast each month’s revenue.

One of the biggest challenges for teams using CRM today is keeping it organized over time.

According to a survey by Sales Hacker, 94% of managers do not trust the data they have at hand precisely because salespeople are often slow to update the business registered in the CRM.

This generates poorly assertive reports, which can lead the manager to make decisions based on data that is not consistent with reality.

So how to improve the assertiveness of these data?

A point we talked about in our Sales Engagement course that a platform with this proposal needs to have is integrations with other tools used in sales.

In Reev, the data is updated practically at the moment the action takes place, as the salesperson needs to update the lead so that he can advance in the process.

And as integration is something that cannot be missing in a Sales Engagement tool, we are launching another top-of-the-line integration: with NectarCRM. 🙂

What will you gain from this integration?

  • Will have contacts created in both tools
  • Will have the Deal/Trading created in NectarCRM;
  • You will have the tasks performed and completed in Reev saved in Nectar CRM;
  • Will have a qualification equivalent to Connected/Lost/Customer of the contact in Nectar CRM;
  • You will have the contact history saved in Nectar CRM notes.

In other words, with all this, you get a greater organization and the manager will be satisfied with the updated data 😉

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How to integrate

When logging into Nectar, click on Configuration > Integrations:

Click Copy to Private Token :

Then go to Reev and click Settings > Integrations

In the NectarCRM line, click Connect and enter the copied token:

Then click Save. A confirmation message will appear and Nectar will change to connect:

Ready! The two tools are now connected. Updates will occur in the following situations:

  • When you create a contact in Reev, it will be created in Nectar if it doesn’t exist.
  • When you mark a contact as Connected on Reev, it will create the Deal/Trade on Nectar.
  • Reev’s completed tasks will also be saved to Nectar. The task type in Reev will be described in the task description in Nectar.
  • When contact is marked as a Customer on Reev, an Opportunity will be created and it will be marked as a Customer on Nectar. At this time the contact history is also saved in Nectar through notes.
  • When contact is marked as Lost on Reev, it will be marked as Discarded on Nectar.

This ease of integration generates what we value so much here at Reev: fewer clicks and more team engagement 🙂


The partnership between Reev and NectarCRM came to make life even easier for sellers and managers during the sales process.

Having both tools updated and with more assertive data is what every manager has always wanted.

Every sales team uses several tools in their daily lives to help with their process. A tool that is widely used…