How to become a successful salesperson: what to do to be an inside sales top performer

successful salesperson

In this article, I’m going to convey some points that I think are extremely important and that can help in the processes that help you to become a successful salesperson, or even to remain a top performer.

There is no magic formula for being a successful salesperson but, in my view and experience, some points are essential and it is up to you, the salesperson.

Keep your pace steady and #focus

Regardless of whether you’re hitting your goal early in the month or far from hitting it at the end of the month, a successful salesperson doesn’t slow down!

If you slow down your work because you’ve already achieved your goals or targets, you’ll never know what you’re capable of or what you can improve on.

At the same time, if you throw in the towel too soon, a goal that seemed difficult to achieve at a given moment will become impossible.

At these times, it is essential that the workload remains equal or greater for an overcoming to happen. Or even a miracle!

Getting discouraged in these difficult and stressful times or getting carried away by negative energies is a sure failure.

Avoid this as much as possible, think positively, and evaluate the possibilities that still exist, however remote they may be. One of them might be the missing piece for you to hit a difficult goal.

I myself have lived and witnessed other salespeople, several times, hit their goals at 45 in the second half.

This only happened because the salesperson, in that situation, extinguished all the possibilities he had, however unbelievable they were, and maintained a focus without despairing.

Be charismatic and transmit energy

A successful salesperson needs to have enormous charisma with his customers, demonstrating that everything he transmits has great positive energy, which unconsciously engages his potential customers.

Unfortunately, this is immeasurable, but I believe you become charismatic and energetically engaging in sales when you have the two points I’m going to cite below.

Believe in what you sell

If you don’t believe what you sell, change companies or leave the sales team!

It’s impossible to convey positive energy and be upfront with the customer when you’re selling something you don’t believe in.

Here is a sales manager of Taj Islamabad, I deeply believe in the results that consulting brings and the benefits that the tool provides. I follow the client’s success closely and, therefore, I am increasingly motivated to sell.

Also, an extra tip: believe in yourself as a salesperson, trust your ability and your skills. This will make you get even better results.

Convey enthusiasm in your voice

You can be sure, having demonstrated enthusiasm for posture and speech, added to a good intonation in the voice, makes the sale much more engaging and “fun” for your potential customer, making them feel much more confident and comfortable during the sale.

Raising your voice when explaining something strategic and important about the product/service, or lowering your voice to convey that a more serious matter has started, demonstrates authority and confidence in the sale.

When I’m talking about the benefits of Reev and the results that OTB consulting can bring, my intonation is more energetic, I manage to convey excitement and positivity.

When it comes to budget, the next steps until closing and signing the contract, for example, my tone is more serious.

Find your selling style and always improve it

Successful salespeople find a strategy or technique that works and performs well within their scenario and use it as long as it works.

The moment that strategy or technique doesn’t perform as much as before, it must be replaced or improved.

If you have a flow of cadence with follow-ups via email and via phone and he performed well before, but started to perform poorly over time, identify what the influence was.

Depending on the problem identified, you will know whether you need to change the approach to emails or the number of follow-ups of each type, whether emails or calls.

It all comes down to constant testing, running, improving, and more testing.


One of the most classic mistakes I see in beginning salespeople or even experienced salespeople is the lack of follow-ups during a sale.

A successful salesperson is not afraid of losing a sale that he or she hasn’t completed yet. He will never pause a sale because a customer has not responded to some emails or because he has not been able to connect via phone.

He will do everything to find the lead’s yes, or even to find the no as soon as possible. Make your sales projection in front of your goal as clear as possible in the shortest possible time.

Talk often about how you go about becoming a successful salesperson

A successful salesperson is always motivated, talking and teaching people about their sales techniques, their product or their market.

Whether for other salespeople, with more or less knowledge than he, or for friends, family and acquaintances, knowledge will always be enthusiastically shared.

In my view, the time when we learn and improve sales skills the most is when we teach something related to sales in some way to someone.

It is at these times that you gain new points of view, receive the most diverse questions and practice the best ways to answer them.

Don’t forget: it’s also very important to constantly educate your leads.

Be curious to the extreme

In sales, in my view, the popular saying “curiosity killed the cat” should be “curiosity fills the cat’s belly”.

The more a vendor is curious to understand about your company, your market and the difficulties of your potential customer, the greater will be the possibilities for him to close a sale more easily.

Successful salespeople are extremely curious, rest assured!

Find the balance between work, leisure, and rest

Good salespeople do work hard and often more than most of the team, but successful salespeople have a clear balance between leisure, rest, and work.

Successful salespeople can easily disconnect from their work environment when the time is right.

Turning the key is essential for getting better hours of sleep and rest. Invest in good escape valves such as sports, meetings with friends and family, among others.

I myself am a great lover of Mountain Bike, which is my great escape valve. Every weekend I do 1 or 2 trails and in them, I completely disconnect from the world, due to adrenaline and contact with nature.

That way I feel like I let go of all the tension of the week and I’m brand new for a new week of rushing sales.

I sent this photo of the bike with the Outbound Go sticker to the company’s group, but I swear I wasn’t thinking about work.

If today you can’t go to sleep without thinking about work (will that sale close?), you’re always tired for work or leisure, you only think about achieving a good performance or how to maintain it, it will be impossible to ease your mind.

If you find this happening frequently, talk to your team and manager. Seeking help is essential to achieving a balance between the professional and the personal.

If nothing changes, consider whether you are in the company or in the right position. This is essential even to maintain good physical and mental health.

Gold Tip: Be clear about your main objective

What makes you wake up early and do your best every day?

It can be any objective: acquiring an asset (car, house), investing in leisure and travel, performing well to have a better position in the company you work for or even getting a job in another company, being able to pay bills or debts, among others.

In my view as a salesperson, your goals will help you maintain your daily self-motivation. In that case, set a hard-to-achieve goal, a high-value asset or a more expensive trip, for example.

Of course, your company also has to motivate you, but for sure your personal goals will bring most of the motivation.

Maintaining good performance without self-motivation is impossible.

In personal summary, I believe that to become a successful salesperson, you must have a clear goal, love what you do and believe in it, find your style and your work pace, and constantly improve it all.

Being charismatic and helpful, being open-minded to teach and learn all the time are also very important practices.

Take advantage of the fact that you got here and tell me what you already do and what you don’t do of all the things I mentioned. Come on? Comment down here.

In this article, I’m going to convey some points that I think are extremely important and that can help in…